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bucket truck service

Placing a sign with lights up above your office, retail store, or other property is a great way to attract business and advertise for your company. We use a bucket truck to properly install parking lot lighting, elevated signs, and other features safely. If you need an sign or elevated electrical system repaired, we can handle that too.

Can-Duit Electric LLC, completes electrical installations for Rockford, Rochelle, and other Illinois areas. Our trucks allow us to work on electrical components that are high above ground-level. Call us today to schedule your services.

Bucket Truck

Bucket Truck Services

Trust Can-Duit Electric to take care of your electrical installations in Rockford, Rochelle and surrounding areas that require high-reach, and bucket-trucks. Our Bucket Truck services are:

A low-cost efficient way to install or repair lighting & signs.

Takes height-related restrictions out of the equation.

Allows us to complete installations and repairs quickly and safely.

Makes it easy to install elevated signs and lighting correctly.

Reach out to us right away in order to get an estimate and schedule your services today.