All residential and commercial premises use energy, but this can be expensive. Property owners try to lower operating costs by looking for ways to utilize electricity in a more resourceful manner. One of the most common methods of assessing current power use and looking for ways to improve it is with an electrical audit.

Purpose of an Electrical Audit

The main reasons for an electrical energy audit are to identify inefficiencies in your recent energy consumption, as well as to find possible solutions for improving electrical efficiency. There are three main types of electrical audits. The least intense is the audit walk-through, which involves a short assessment. The next level of electrical audit is the site energy audit, which involves undertaking a complete inspection of a building’s electrical system. The most rigorous level involves an examination of planned modifications to the building’s electrical system.


An audit walk-through is usually the first step in a building’s electrical analysis. An electrical safety audit expert normally does the walk-through audit. It involves conducting an inspection of the building’s electrical system and analyzing its energy bills.

At the conclusion of the walk-through, the electrical audit expert provides a report with details of potential affordable structural modifications that may help lower the building’s electricity expenses. The audit expert may also provide a list of more energy-saving options for additional consideration.


Once the electrician provides the building owner with his analysis and recommendations, the property owner may choose to apply the suggestions in the report. These modifications often require little capital or labor. The building owner may also ask for a thorough audit to explore more expensive building modifications.

Advantages of an Energy Audit

Increased Comfort

An electrical audit can help you identify potential problems in your home’s electrical system. Because an electrical audit reveals inefficiencies in your home’s energy systems, you can deal with those problems effectively. The possible outcome is a more comfortable home or building no matter the season

Cost Savings

An electrical energy audit can help lessen the energy output from your electrical systems. This means that you will pay less each month in utilities. In fact, you can save between 20 and 30 percent on your energy bills.

Environmental Impact

An electrical safety audit can provide fulfillment for environmentally conscious individuals. Improved energy efficiency means that your home has less of a negative ecological effect on your surroundings. It also means that you contribute less to global warming.

Improved Resale Value

You can significantly improve the resale value of your home or commercial building by undertaking an electrical audit. The modifications that you will have to implement to make your home or office building more energy efficient increase the resale value of the property. In fact, the only residential or commercial property improvements that pay for themselves in the long run are those that are undertaken for the sake of energy efficiency.

A walk through electrical audit is the quickest and least costly electrical audit method. It does not involve rigorous calculations or exhaustive analysis of the building’s electrical system or utility bills. However, it provides essential information about energy use and efficiency improvements. More thorough electrical safety audit methods can offer comprehensive analysis of electrical efficiency and recommendations for modifications, as well as precise predictions of likely savings.

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