The Rockford Illinois is the 3rd largest city in the United States and 171st most populous state in the US. With over 200 years accredited to its chronological history, Rockford IL is among the most diverse and culturally stratified cities in the US. Admirably, due to its well bolstered environment that consists of Midwest deciduous forests, it was nicknamed "the forest city'. 

Geographic prospects

The Rockford city is located in the county of Winnebago, a county with an estimated population of about 151,871 people basing on the census statistics taken in 2010. The city has an elevation of 724 ft. and is firmly cited on an area approximately 61.95sq meters roughly 460km squared.


The Rockford city has four distinct seasons that range as: summer, winter, autumn and spring. Summer in Rockford IL is characterized by high temperatures with the hottest month being July when temperatures can go as high as 84.5 F, making the area substantially hot. The winter season marks the cold spell era where the coldest month is predicated to be January where temperatures go as low as 29.5F.

Religion and culture

As a metropolitan city that is blessed and endowed with a rich cultural and religious herb, the Rockford city of Illinois has over 4 religious denominations. The most distinct religion however is catholic that is relevantly coincided and articulated with the Roman Catholic diocese of Rockford. Other visceral religions are Jewish and Buddhism -Together they are articulated with 2 synagogues and 2 worship shrines respectively.

Tourism and attraction site

Rockford city brags significantly of annual revenues of over US$50,000,000 all accredited to the tourism sector that is well stratified and devolved in the city. The primal attraction of the city is the deciduous rain forest that supports over 100 birds species and other visceral rodents and mammals. Other fundamental attraction sites include the Roman Catholic diocese whose exemplary and unique architecture makes it a marvel, as well as the well compacted Buddhism shrines and the populous rail and airport system. 

Transportation prospects

Rockford has a well formulated transportation system that includes: rail, road, and air and freight transportation. In terms of road transportation, the city serves major highways to such places as Chicago, lowa and Illinois. Additionally, it has the popular Greater Rockford airport that was established in 1946 and serves as a local airport connecting to other states and cities in the United States. The Rail way system potent transportation of goods. Rockford also has the Rockford Mass Transit District (RMTD), a massive bus system and buses available to O'Hare and Midway airports in Chicago IL.  

Worth noting is that the Rockford, Illinois has well known personalities that  hail from it with notable names such as John Burton-a film producer internationally, Albert Nicholas CEO of a multinational franchise, Cheap Trick the American rock band  and many more. Indeed, Rockford IL is a giant among giants.

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