In order to be habitable, structures built today require a means of providing electricity to its occupants. Modern life has simply evolved into one that is highly dependent on machines and devices. These are typically powered by electricity whether from the grid or an independent source. Electrical systems can be quite complex with several different parts working together to ensure the safe delivery of power to every outlet. One of the most important elements is the electrical panel, the wiring of which should only be entrusted to professionals. It is critical that only an expert perform the electrical panel installation and the electrical panel service.

What is an Electrical Panel?

This is the sizeable steel box that you see hanging on an interior wall of the building. When you open it you will see a number of circuit breakers lined in an array. They are all connected to the circuits responsible for the distribution of power across the structure. These breakers got their name because of their ability to break off the power coming into the home if they sense potentially dangerous conditions. Current surges and short circuits are just some of the things that could trigger this behavior. The breakers thus protect appliances and other electronics from damage.

Wiring for Electrical Panel

Electrical panel service may be called for in several different cases. Perhaps a new structure is being built or renovated and things need to be set up from scratch. Maybe the needs of the building have increased such that an additional subpanel is necessary to ramp up capacity. Some people may also want to upgrade their system from fuses to circuit breakers to get all the benefits and safety of the latter. Others may simply want to have their electrical service rewired for efficiency, safety, and organization. Whatever the situation might be, licensed electricians can perform the required tasks with a high degree of quality.

Electrical Panel Service Residential

The demands on the panel will differ according to the application. For residential systems, there usually isn’t much of a need for high capacity installations. Most households will only have a few rooms and have the same types of appliances inside. In the US, households are fairly small so there aren’t a lot of people needing power all the time. The biggest power draw will come from the heating and cooling systems. The maximum capacity should be computed based on the expected requirements during the peak of summer and winter.

Electrical Panel Service Commercial

For commercial establishments, the demands can begin to escalate. It would depend on the size of the building where it would be installed and what the space will be used for. An office will have to be equipped with computers for each of the employees along with supporting machines like printers and copiers. They would need ample lighting and a comfortable environment to ensure high productivity. Restaurants and shops will have their own set of specifications. An electrical company can help to plan the equipment purchases with maximum capacity allowing for future expansions.

Electrical Panel Service Industrial

Industrial settings are the most demanding when it comes to power. They usually have large machines that are used for production. These need to run flawlessly throughout the site’s working hours. Oftentimes the products are stored in rooms that need precise temperature control which means an HVAC system that has a massive load. There can be no compromises with regards to the electrical panels in this kind of application. Power is critical to production and the rest of the operations. The expensive machines also need to be kept safe from current fluctuations that might cause them to break down. A professional team with industrial experience is mandatory.

Types of Electrical Panels

The electrical contractor can provide guidance with regards to the kind of panels that have to be installed in the premises. They will ask questions that will help them calculate present loads and future ones in case the operations expand. The business road map will be the basis of their plans. They will also have to consider the local rules and regulations, making contractors in the area more appealing than outsiders because of their local knowledge. The options will include the following:

1. Main breaker panels — This type of panel is responsible for shutting down the flow of electricity from the source to the house if needed for protection. It is located close to the meter with the limits being specified by local codes.

2. Main lug panels — On the other hand, this type will have the wiring going into lugs with no breaker in sight. There is a disconnect switch at the meter instead to perform the function. By separating the breaker the rest of the components, people outside will have the means of shutting off electricity without having to get inside the premises. This can save many lives in case of a fire or other emergencies.

3. Sub-panels — These are typically new add-ons to the main panel after the needs of the house have exceeded its original capacity. Having them makes more slots available for new circuits. They may also be installed near detached structures that require their own circuits like a shed or garage. They are generally connected to the main line which still holds the disconnect switch.

4. Transfer Switches — These are suitable to households that have backup generators in case they need to switch from one power source to the other. The generator will be connected directly to this to make the transfer go smoothly. It could be manual or automatic with the latter being expensive but useful.

Finding a Suitable Service Provider

Due to the sensitive nature of electrical systems, property owners should seek out reliable contractors to do the job for them. One thing to watch out for is the company’s experience in the industry. Can-Duit Electric LLC is a licensed electrical service company and has been in business for over a decade with positive reviews. No job is too big or too small. We work on residential, commercial and industrial sites and have bucket truck services available for lighted pole repair and lighted pole installation.

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