Rochelle IL, bears the charm of a small town. With a population of only 9,452 as at the most recent (2013) census, the city has a homey atmosphere that draws you, inviting you in to explore. You will be surprised at the goodies the city has to offer.

Rochelle's architecture earned its mark in history via buildings such as the noteworthy William H. Holcomb House, a brick-on-wood-frame house built upon a limestone foundation. The house was built in 1872 and sits on a one-acre piece of land. Its classical Italianate construction saw it listed on the U.S National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1973. Another of the city's historic buildings that are on the NRHP is the Flagg Township Public Library. On your way to the library, stop by the Rochelle City Hall for a taste of how the city's operations are managed. The library is right behind the city hall. 

Rochelle IL is also renowned for its extensive rail and highway network.  Before the Civil War, the city was an important railway link, a role it continues to play following the advent of modernized rail systems. Its reputation as a major railway hub in the U.S attracted a railroad passenger car manufacturer from Japan, whose production plant here continues to thrive. Also birthed from this railroad activity is the Rochelle Railroad Park, a large city park most notable for train watching. Hordes of visitors and residents alike throng the park to watch what seems like an endless chain of trains, as more than 100 trains make their way through the park every day. For those who are not ardent rail fans, the park's recreation center offers plenty of fun and relaxation activities for the whole family. 

Discover Rochelle's heritage at the Flagg Township Historical Society, an old museum with a rich display of artifacts, tools, collections and a host of other historical items. The Historic Skare Homestead Museum is another museum that gives a taste of life in the past. In addition to its rich history, it hosts numerous biking trails, hiking trails, equestrian trails, horseshoe pits, playgrounds and ball-game fields. These and other amenities turn it to a busy hub all through the week. 

See the world's second largest monolithic statue at the Lowden State Park. Constructed of granite and concrete, the magnificent 50-foot Chief Black Hawk Statue overlooks the Rock River Valley and is one of the city's biggest attractions. Go ice fishing, paddling, skiing, snowmobiling, and enjoy BBQs and other recreational activities in any of the city's scenic parks. Later, you can indulge in fine dining in any of Rochelle's popular restaurants or discover new flavored at the city's ethnic dining spots. You will quickly identify favorites among the restaurants serving Continental, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisines.

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