Known for its captivating and scenic ambiances, Oregon IL is home to approximately  4000 citizens. It is a city in and the county seat of the Ogle county of Illinois, United States. The ethnic make-up of the city, according to a recent census was: 95% being whites, 0.9% being African American, 0.1% being Native Americans and the remainder being a collage of other races. Oregon IL has a total area of 2.028 square miles of which 96% being land and remaining 4% being water. The state and city parks, state forests and recreation sites situated throughout Oregon IL will ensure that visitors will find a slew of outdoor activities all the while experiencing the many wildlife gems.


Residing on 207 acres of land in the Ogle County, is one such gem, the Lowden State Park; named after the governor Frank Orren Lowden. The white Pine State Park, Castle Rock state park and the Lowden-Miller State forest are some of the other gems that will provide the most rewarding outdoor experience.


If you are not a fan of the outdoors that is fine. There are many other points of interests here at Oregon IL. Take a step back in time and experience life as it used to be at the Ogle County Historical Museum, the Barnhart Museum and the Chana School Museum.


Harmony Hills Bed and Breakfast, Patchwork Inn, Pine Hill Inn, White Pines Inn, Chateau lodge and Paddle West Inn are some of the various places to stay when visiting Oregon IL. Whether you're a couple, a group, or a family vacationing, there is a place for you. If you desire to stay on the banks of the Rock River or to be hidden away in a place that time forgot, it's all here are at Oregon IL.


A slew of dishes await your tastes buds from the many eateries here at Oregon IL. La Vigna Restaurant, Blackhawk Steak Pit, White Pines Inn, to name a few offer not only tasty dishes but an unforgettable eating experience. The Maxson Riverboat and Restaurant creates the perfect venue for any occasion.


Here at  Oregon IL the gem of the Rock River Valley, there is a place for you, be it travelling alone or with your loving family.

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