Marengo IL

Marengo IL is a hidden gem in Chicago land. It is a place of immense natural beauty made up of vast conservation areas and rolling countryside.

This city has historical interest.  The arts and culture of Marengo IL is impressive. There is economic and cultural diversity in this city.

History of Marengo IL

Marengo IL has an amazing sense of history. Its history is traceable to the spring of 1835 when Calving Spencer settled in Marengo IL after migrating from Seneca County, Ohio. He later married Miss Mary Hanne while a resident of Marengo IL. The death of Calvin Spencer in 1875 marked the first death in this township.

In 1846, construction of the first gristmill in Marengo IL happened. Presently, there is no evidence of this gristmill.

Incorporation of Marengo as a village happened on February 24, 1857. Incorporation as a city took place in September 1893. Since then, Marengo IL ranks among the most important cities in Illinois.

Marengo IL Demographics

The median age in Marengo IL is 34 years. There are more females than males. The population of Marengo according to 2000 census is 6,355 people. L. 92 % of the population is white, 0.3% is African American, 0.02% is Asian and Hispanic is 13%.

Social Amenities

Marengo IL has hospitals, schools, a community club, a post office and a fire department among other social amenities.  There is a multi-mode transportation network and a sound education system. Marengo IL has many good hotels.

Marengo IL Sites to See

1. McHenry County Conservation District

The most treasured and popular area in Marengo IL is McHenry County Conservation District. This area has over 800 acres of hickory woodlands and oak.

2. Marengo-Union Library

This is located in downtown Marengo IL. This library offers movies and reading materials to residents, free of charge.

3. H.U.M. Trail

This is a 3.5 mile hiking and biking trail between Union and Marengo. Plans are underway to expand this trail.

4. Coral Woods Park

This 407-acre park has a magnificent display of flowers. You will find many sugar maples in the woods of this park.

5. Calvin Spencer Park

The city of Marengo IL maintains this park. You can rent space in this park for wedding, family reunion and other events. This park is a great place for relaxation.

6. Indians Oak Park

This is a multipurpose recreational facility. It has 40 acres of trails. Also present are soccer fields and a fitness center.

7. Marengo Fire Department

Marengo IL fire department has existed since 1958. It covers an area of 106 sq miles.

Things to Do in Marengo IL

• Marengo Ridge Camping

You will find amazing camping ground in Marengo Ridge. You can reserve group campgrounds for up to a three-night stay. For a great adventure, consider camping at one of Marengo Ridge's hike-in sites.

• Marengo Fishing

You can engage in McHenry dam fishing or Three Oaks recreation fishing. There are many fishing spots. You need to obey Illinois fishing regulations when fishing in Marengo IL.

• Marengo Nature Walking

The various Marengo parks have mowed paths that allow visitors to have pleasant nature walks. One will enjoy the woods of Marengo Conservation District while walking.

• Golfing

 Top-notch golf courses in Marengo IL offer a superb golfing experience. Some golf courses supply golfers with the needed equipment.

• Hiking

You will find nice hiking trails in Marengo IL.  The H.U.M trail is a good place for hiking.

• Sightseeing

A trip to Marengo IL will involve spectacular sightseeing.

Marengo is located between Elgin and Rockford. The Kish River runs on the northern side of the city. The original name of Marengo IL was Pleasant Grove. The name change occurred after the establishment of the post office of Marengo.

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