Freeport IL

Freeport IL, is the largest city in the Stephenson County in Illinois and is spread over approximately 11.8 square miles. It is located in the North Western part of the state, close to the Wisconsin state line. You may also know it as the 'Pretzel City' of USA. The title is a tribute to the Germanic settlers and their influence on local cuisine and culture. 

This area was formerly known as Winnesheik. In 1837 when the Stephenson County was established, the city took the name Freeport. The name was a tribute to William 'Tutty' Baker, who established a trading post on the banks of the on the Pecatonica River and ran a 'free port'. 

People and Places

In 2013 the United States Census Bureau recorded the population of Freeport IL as 25,035. The cost of living in the city is far lower than in most other American cities. Freeport is only hours away from Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Residents can enjoy some time in the big cities without having to deal with the hassles that come with living there. 

Getting Around in Freeport

The city is well connected to the rest of the county and state. It is home to the Albertus Airport. The Chicago Rockford International Airport is merely 31 miles away. The U.S. Route 20 connects Freeport with other parts of the county as do the several County highways that run through it. 

Business in Freeport IL

The Freeport city government is formed by the Mayor and the City Council. Both, the Mayor and aldermen, are elected for a period of four years. Many steps have been taken to encourage the growth of business and entrepreneurship in the area. Freeport IL is home to several Fortune 500 companies and many factories and plants. If you are visiting Fairport on business or pleasure, you will find plenty of comfortable accommodation here.

Life in Freeport

If you are moving to Freeport IL you would be interested in the healthcare and education offered by the city. The Freeport School District has six elementary schools, two middle schools and a high school. It also has a unique transitional education center. The Highland Community College offers quality education and the Northern Illinois University is only 67 miles away. 
The city has a not-for-profit healthcare organization. FHN Healthcare offers community health services through its centers in seven locations. The Memorial Hospital offers 24 hour emergency care and is licensed to house 146 beds. 

Recreation and Fun

There is a lot to do and discover in Freeport IL. The city is proud of its outdoor public areas, especially its park district that is spread over 800 acres. It boasts of a 36-hole golf course, natural reserve, skate park and aquatic center. It also offers athletic, martial arts and art programs. There are several museums and a botanical garden in the area for you to explore.
If you enjoy the outdoors, you will like the 17 mile Jane Addams Trail. On this biker and pedestrian trail you will travel through wetlands, prairies and farmland. The Lincoln Douglas Debate Site is also located on this trail. The city welcomes bicyclists and you will find pretzel shaped bike racks conveniently placed all over the city.

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