Do you do commercial work?

Yes! We do residential, farm, commercial, and industrial work. We have wired laundromats, barns, pole buildings, store fronts, gaming facilities, office buildings, etc.

Can I get a quote before you begin work?

Absolutely. We do free estimates so give us a call to set something up. For smaller projects we can also give you a price and complete the job that same day.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yep! We apply a 3% fee to all credit card payments so please keep that in mind if you are wanting to pay by card.

What are your rates?

We get asked this question frequently and the best way to get an accurate price from us is to let us come out and give you a free estimate. Jobs vary greatly from one to another and doing an estimate over the phone is just not feasible in most situations.

I’m short on money, can I pay you in installments?

We generally require payment in full unless a payment plan is agreed upon before work begins or installments are specified on the quote.

How long will I have to wait before you get to my job?

We try to be very responsive to calls. We are a small business and are limited but the more available you are, the quicker we will be able to perform the job. There are many jobs we are able to accomplish the same day you call!

How extensive are your electrical skills?

Our electricians have several years of experience and have found very few jobs in our 25+ operating years that we have been unable to complete. We can do trenching and underground work, back-up generators, rough-in electrical, pole light installation, lighted sign repairs, and more. Give us a call with any problems you’re experiencing, we are sure we can help!