Dixon IL is a historic town located along the Rock River, about 100 miles west of downtown in Chicago. The town has a population of 15,733 based on the 2010 census. For travelers, it is the perfect spot for a relaxing and quaint break from the modern lifestyle. The number of activities that one can try in this city is almost endless. Whether you are a lover of history, an art and books lover, or a boating and fishing enthusiast, you will find all that you need in Dixon, IL. It is basically the centre of all fun in the region.

Outdoor activities in Dixon

With temperatures averaging 62°F (17°C), a wind speed of 3 mph (5 km/h), and an amazing 57% Humidity, there is no doubt that Dixon, IL is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities. With 25 parks, fun lovers can enjoy hiking and biking in equal measures. There are additional five state parks and forest reserves that are only a few minutes' drive from the small town setting. Family picnics and camping are common activities in Dixon too. Lowell Park, a 200 acres facility, offers more than enough options when it comes to camping and hiking locations. It also is important to mention the Rock River, a historic site that offers water sports locations for fishing, boating and swimming.

Dixon's amazing hospitality

For those who love eating out, there are restaurants that will satisfy all appetites in Dixon IL. This is especially appealing to first time visitors who would love to experience the fun that comes with being in this region. The hospitality will always meet expectations when it comes to preparing foods of all types. After eating, one can stroll down to the quaint downtown where there are various bookstores, art galleries, wine shops and bakeries. This is where visitors can find the products that are only exclusive to Dixon.

Apart from amazing sites and hospitality, Dixon IL has a strong attachment to the American history. It is famous for having shaped the character of two of the most influential American presidents. Having been a major trade center in the years before and after the civil war, it was the place where Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln called home for many years. Due to this fact, it has remained the center of American politics. One can only imagine how it feels to be part of this city.Type your paragraph here.

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